April 13, 2018
the fidget spinner is dead

The Death of the Fidget Spinner.

This just in. The Fidget Spinner Fad is Officially Dead! I am completely within the rights to make this announement. The Fidget Spinner is Dead. After […]
April 6, 2018
inexpensive promotional products

Why do distributors pay these ridiculous fees?

Why in this day and age are you paying set up fees, run charges, fax proofs, virtual proofs, shipping fees etc? Are you nuts? Why are […]
April 3, 2018
video camera shaped flash drive

Seriously we do some of the coolest promotional product shit!

Seriously we do some of the coolest shit! When it comes to promotional products we are without a doubt home to some of the coolest shit. […]
April 3, 2018

Let’s FACE it: Custom Sublimated Socks are a Promo Must this Season

Custom sublimated socks are about to leave their mark (or footprint) on the promo world and here’s why: they are bright, comfortable, durable, and something that […]