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Fidgetz: The Fidget Cube for Promotional Product Marketing!

Free Samples? Even Better, Here's How!

We have been a supplier to the promotional marketing world for almost 20 years. Over those 20 years we have offered FREE SAMPLES many times. 

What we have found may SHOCK YOU!

99% of those distributors who order FREE SAMPLES never, ever, ever order anything! All that happens is we burn through a lot of free stuff, lose money and ultimately have to raise prices to account for the loss. Does that make sense? No!

Here's the BEST PART!

Order your Fidget Cube for only $10 a piece including USPS. They sell online for $20, $30 and even $50 or more so this is a bargain...check it out here.

We Give You Back Double Your Purchase Price on Your First Order.

Yup, that's right. Get a sample, show a customer, place an order (make profit) and we will credit you $20 for every $10 of samples you order. You Can't Beat That!

Order Your Fidget Cube and also Get ASI Pricing on imprinted orders starting at just 100 pieces!

Act Now!  Click here to email for info!

Visit the Fidget Cube Page


fidget cubes for promotional product giving are called fidgetz Fidget Cube.fidget cubes for promotional product giving are called fidgetz Fidget Cube.

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