M.I.T Geeks Get a Fidget Spinner with their logo on it.

Posted by Amy Cool on

Nothing says Geek quite like MIT and nothing says uber geek than a fidget spinner. Put the 2 together aand you get a MIT logo'd Fidget Spinner!

Yes freshman week 2017 promises to be the "week of the geek" this year. The hot new item for college and university bookstores is the fidget spinner and fidget cube. These new geek must-haves are proven to reduce stress. 

Replacing the decidely low-tech pen clicking or the old-school stress ball these high tech stress relievers are ideal for stressed out college and university students.looking to chill out.

Several high profile Universities and Colleges bith here and in Europe have place their orders for freshman week 2017.

MIT college and university fidget cube for freshman week 2017

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