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No doubt about it. Fidget Spinners are HOT, HOT, HOT!

In fact the Wall Street Journal called Fidget Spinners the must-have desktop toy for 2017 and The New York Times referred to Fidget Spinners as The Hula Hoop of the 21st Century! 

There are countless News stories. Check out this saved Google News Search on Fidgets. 

In fact, Fidget Spinners are so popular that during the week of May 7th to 16th  international couriers FEDEX, UPS and to a lesser extent DHL were all backed up 2-4 days in scanning and inputting real-time tracking. Due SOLEY to the shipping of Fidget Spinners and Cubes!

"Even during the busiest of holiday seasons I have never seen that happen in 20 years!"


Fortunately at the time of this writing the backlog has eased somewhat but there is still the lingering effects in orders in progress.

However....as in all things hot and trending...you need to know some info before you buy.

So, as a long time supplier to the promotional products market I have prepared some useful info to help the unwary consumer get to know more about Fidget Spinner Basics.

fidget spinner facts and information. Information f fidget spinners for promotional product mrketing

Here Goes!

1) The Main Cost is in the Bearings: As of today, there is a shortage on quality bearings available, so be sure you are buying from a reputable source.

If possible, always look for HI-SPIN bearings!

2)  Bearing prices are up due to increased demand!

"Beware....there are lots of old/rusty/ poorly functioning bearings that could not be previously sold due to manufacturers defects that are finding their way from the shelves of bearing factories in China into your fidget spinner."

3) What Makes A Great Fidget Spinner?..A Spinner that you will love and the customer will cherish has a HI-SPIN bearing in it. 

The other important mechanics that makes for a great spinner is the precision balance of the weight on the outer prongs.

TROIKA Fidget Spinners (for example) have 3 additional HI-SPIN bearings acting as precision balanced weights as well as a single HI-SPIN center bearing.

While other Premium Fidget Spinners like the KLIP have replaced the 3 precison balanced outer bearings with precision balanced counterweights to save money but not sacrifice spin!


"bearings were originally used and are still considered by many  to be the best way to get the perfect spinner while still others claim that a spinner with precision balanced counterweights are faster"

In short. You want something to spin smoothly and balance well you need precision balanced counterweights or HI-SPIN Bearings. Simple!

Most Popular for Logos!

4) The most popular and best selling fidget spinner for logos is The Troika 

The Troika has 4 HI-SPIN bearings, 1 in the center and 3 acting as heavy-weight counterbalance.

This Fidget Spinner has the smoothest spin and the longest spin time clocking in at 2-3 minutes. Visit the page here for more info.

You will LOVE this one. It is kid-tested (ages 8-78 ) and approved!

detailed information on bearing quality for promotional fidget spinners

5) The Klip is a premium mid-level fidget spinner.

The KLIP has a single HI-SPIN bearing in the center with 3 precision balanced counterweights.

Visit the KLIP page for more info. 

5) The most acceptable BUDGET Fidget Spinner is called The Sloan.

In my opinion The Sloan is "ok"...or as I like to say "meh!"

If you really need to spend as little as possible, buy this one. "It is good budget spinner with great logo functionality. It is not going to win any contests or get a whole lot of oohs and ahhs...but it is ...ok!"

The Sloan has a single steel bearing and has an acceptable spin time of about 55 seconds.. Visit the Sloan page for more info.

fidget spinner and fidget cubes with your logo on it.

6) What about Fidget Spinners Priced Lower than the Sloan?


Why?....They most often are made with defective/old/rusty/unbalanced bearings.

If you think that you can buy something for $2 or under for an order (say 300 units and below) and be getting quality?....well then....

Have I got some swamp land for sale that you will love! 

"What about all those e-mails I am  getting from China saying Fidget Spinners are $1-$2"....you ask?

"Imagine being me....? Each day I get dozens of new companies emailing me saying they are now China's Fidget Spinner Best Company for Longest time and most best supplier, also we have coffee mugs too!....ugh!....My advice "Be careful It's a tough world out there"

In short, why sell something the customer won't like and you may have to replace?


Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us.

Explanation chart with NET prices (Including ALL FREIGHT/ PLUS NO SET-UPS ) for each of these 3 acceptable Fidget Spinners. Feel free to share this with others.

For coded prices list, free virtuals or marketing material. Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us.


fidget spinner facts and information. Information f fidget spinners for promotional product mrketing

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