Coming Summer 2019

Silicone Straw & Pouch: Just in time for summer! The completely reusable, dishwasher safe, food-grade silicone drinking straw with cleaner and eco-freindly travel pouch. Available June 1st 2019 this cool summer promotional product will be available in a minimum order of 250 units. Straw color at 250-999 is Blacl or White, At 1000 units and above the straw can be custom colored and pms matched at no extra charge. Bag comes in White but at 1000 units can be custom ordered as to color. 3 color logo.

Laptop & Tablet Organizer: Laptops are great but what do you do with all the cords and crap that come with it? You get your clients logo on the Laptop & Tablet Organizer. It holds your phone, mouse, flash drive, cords, cables and a couple of pens. Plus it keeps your laptop from falling open while travelling. How cool is this? Min order 100 units. Coming July 2019.

High Definition Ear Buds: We are audio nuts here at Promo Motive and generally we stay away from tech as it seldom meets our high standards. However after many tests of various samples we have settled on what we feel is far and away the best the absolute best in bluetooth wireless earbuds. Not only are they ridiculously great sound they will shock you with the price. Coming July 2019

Magnetic Wrist Band: This may not appeal to everyone, ok, not many. But if your client owns a hardward store, makes tools, distributs tool, is in the construction business or is just a crazy-assed handyman the magnetic wrist band is ideal. Personally I love it. August 2019.

Folding Water Bottle:Following up on the massive success of our other folding water bottle (Shrink Drink) and the over-the-top folding drinking straw we now offer CUE the folding reusable silicone, washable, super cool folding water bottle. Very swank! Min order 100 units. Coming July 2019.

THE TOOLETRIE: No space is ssafe from advertising. Get 100% eyeballs on this unique logo opportunity. The Tooletrie is a self-sticking silicone shower caddy. Perfect for your clients toothbrush, razor, soap etc. Does your client make razors, soap, toothbrushes etc? Min order 100 units. Coming July 2019.

‘Put your clients logo on something unique. It will generate more looks and likes than the basic boring idea they did last time.’

Promo Motive


Promo Motive is always adding new winning ideas to our offering. Here are summer 2019’s best new ideas.